Blocks under management

  • London 234
  • UK Wide 5534

Amount of calls responded

  • 24 Hour Average 234
  • Per Week 5534

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Moreland Estate Management is
a privately owned residential property
management company.
With many years experience together
with a depth of knowledge and
wealth of expertise, we believe that
we are the specialists in our field
of property management.

We offer landlords and management companies a comprehensive list of property management services and provide bespoke advice on a wide spectrum of matters. Additionally, we provide tenants with an effortless and reliable service and all our properties and blocks are managed in the most efficient and effective manner at a reasonable and realistic service charge.

We focus on all aspects of freehold management from collecting ground rents to day to day reactive buildings maintenance as well as insuring properties to ensure we add value to the properties and deliver creative property solutions. We also work together with clients advising on the sale of their investments including introducing potential buyers and potential funders.

Other ancillary services include advising residential and commercial developers in respect of lease design and value maximisation for both landlord and tenant.